Resep Lezat Sate Kambing

Sate Kambing. Sate kambing is the Indonesian name for " mutton satay ". It is part of the cuisine of Indonesia. This food is made by grilling goat meat that has been mixed with seasoning.

Sate Kambing A famous variant among them is "Sate Kambing", it is popular in Java, made with goat, lamb or mutton. To be served either with Peanut Sauce or Sambal Kecap, an Indonesian relish made from sweet soy sauce, chilli, sliced shallots and diced tomatoes. In his homeland, goat is more popular than lamb/sheep due to it's mild flavour. Kamu Bisa bikin Sate Kambing Menggunakan 9 Bahan dan 5 Langkah.

Resep Membuat Sate Kambing

  1. Siapkan 1/2 kg daging kambing.
  2. Siapkan 5-10 lembar daun pepaya.
  3. Siapkan 3 siung bawang putih.
  4. Siapkan 10 siung bawang merah.
  5. Siapkan kemiri,jahe.
  6. Campurkan 1 buah jeruk nipis.
  7. Siapkan 1 buah tomat.
  8. Campurkan 10 buah cabai rawit.
  9. Siapkan Kecap manis.

Saté Kambing (Lamb or Goat Satay with Peanut Sauce) I've just had this for dinner and it was so good that I wanted to blog about it straight away! Satay is Indonesian for a grilled meat skewer. Saté babiis pork, saté ajamis chicken, and saté kambingis goat. My first time eating at this place and.the sate buntel here is the best.

Langkah - Langkah Membuat Sate Kambing

  1. Potong dadu daging lalu tusuk,1 tusuk isi 5 potongan. Lumuri perasan air jeruk nipis dan alaskan lembaran daun pepaya. Diamkan selama kurleb 1 jam..
  2. Ulek bawang merah 3 siung,bawang putih,kemiri,jahe tambahkan kecap manis..
  3. Tusukan daging dilumuri bumbu hingga merata..
  4. Bakar sate kambing,disini saya menggunakan teflon khusus bakar dan dilumuri sedikit mentega. Lakukan hingga matang..
  5. Jika sudah matang,platting lalu tambahkan kecap manis dan potongan tomat,bawang merah dan cabai rawit. Sajikan..

Its goat meat is soooo tender while you still taste the sweet soy sauce with some pepper inside the meat and smokey flavour outside. While the Gule in here also top. Lamb is another popular meat to be made into satay in Indonesia. In Jakarta, Sabang street is probably the go to spot for a serving of lamb satay and lamb fried rice. Be warned though that you will need to eat by the road side, so be prepared to enjoy your dish with a whiff or two of smoke (and smog!) from passing cars and motorcycles.


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